Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

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Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Filipino martial arts (FMA) are the martial arts native to the Philippine Islands. They have been practiced for centuries and were used in the battle of Mactan in 1521, to defeat the Spanish invaders led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

FMA is probably the most popular weapons art in the world, The primary weapon used is a short rattan stick, though the moves can be adapted to bladed weapons including a sword, bolo (machete) or a knife. The most popular styles are known as Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali.The art has evolved over the years, with innovations by practitioners like SGM Cacoy Cañete, who combined Ju-jitsu with Eskrima, to create Eskrido which involves locking and throwing your opponent with the stick.



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Aside from being the most effective weapons art on the planet, Filipino Martial Arts is a spectacular sport. Modern protective equipment makes it safe for combatants, while it is fast and often spectacular.

The sport has grown in popularity over the years and was recently made the national sport of the Philippines. It was introduced at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, where Filipino contestants dominated the sport and the Philippines won first place, with 149 gold medals.

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